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First Evaluation

The point of departure for your journey through Ayurveda is an evaluation based on a pulse reading and a profile of your lifestyle and health history. Taking a client’s pulse, a procedure that goes back to Antiquity, is both an art and a science. It reveals that person’s constitutional type, as well as the areas in which his or her system has strayed from its natural balance. On the basis of this evaluation and your lifestyle, a personalized program is recommended to you. Diet, daily routine and exercises, as well as meditation, medicinal herbs and means of pacification are only a few of the multitude of approaches that Ayurveda uses to restore and maintain physiological balance.

Follow-Up Evaluation

Usually scheduled two to three weeks after the initial evaluation, the follow-up confirms that you are on the right track. Progress is evaluated, and adjustments to your individual program are recommended at this time. A follow-up evaluation also takes place at changes of season or whenever the need is felt. These consultations provide an opportunity to make adjustments to your program and allow for a smoother integration of Ayurveda into your life.

Conferences and workshops


Designed for the general public as well as those already familiar with the subject, lectures and workshops are offered regularly to enhance your understanding of Ayurveda and support you in your efforts to make it part of your program and allow for a smoother integration of Ayurveda into your life.

For Yoga Teachers

Ayurveda and yoga both originated in ancient India. Also, Ayurveda recommends the regular practice of yoga to those interested in living a healthy life. The Ayurvedic approach to yoga can pinpoint and clarify the constitution that is unique to each person, and this casts a new light on teaching the discipline. Workshops on the Ayurvedic approach to yoga are available to future teachers as well as to those who already teach but would like to incorporate the Ayurvedic approach into their practice and teaching.

Special Requests

Workshops specially tailored to the needs of specific groups can also be organized on request.

Ayurvedic Herbs and Products

Ayurvedic herbs and products can support you in your efforts to attain wellness. Herbs sold in bulk, tablets, herbal oils and other items are all obtained from conscientious suppliers whose every effort is aimed at producing and distributing products of the highest quality. Whenever possible, these products are organic.

Vedic Meditation


Practiced effortlessly, Vedic Meditation is so easy that it is suitable for everyone. Both simple and powerful, its practice provides deep rest. It soothes, energizes and strengthens the body. The mind, invigorated by calm, becomes clearer and creative. The technique comes from the great Vedic tradition. In order to enable the physiology to support the dynamic rhythm of our times, Vedic Meditation is essential today.

Gift Certificates

If you want to share the benefits of Ayurveda with your loved ones and people you love, gift certificates are available.

I have noticed the effects of meditation a lot. I have greater clarity, trivial decisions are much quicker to make. I also have a feeling of lightness, of freedom. I feel much more in action, in greater possession of my means. It seems that my life is organized more in concert with who I am, what I like.

C. L.