Marma therapy

Marmas are junction points in the body where matter, mind and consciousness meet. These vital points are responsible for the circulation of energy, intelligence and prana, the breath of life.

Marma treatments are adapted to individual needs, and consist of a gentle stimulation of these points through the application of oils or transdermal creams.

Since transdermal creams (which are 100% natural) are specially formulated to enter directly into the bloodstream without passing through the liver, they are suitable for even the most sensitive systems. Aromas and mantras are also used in these treatments.


In this treatment, a continuous, thin stream of oil mixed with herbs is poured on the forehead of a person lying down. The oil or other preparations used are selected according to the particular constitution and needs of the client. This treatment strengthens and calms the mind and senses, producing a profound sensation of well-being.
Foot massage

This particularly relaxing massage uses a bowl made from a metal alloy that is suitable for all types of constitution. The bowl, coated with ghee (clarified butter), enables the practitioner to maintain a continuous, fluid contact with the recipient, who experiences a profoundly soothing sensation. This treatment helps relieve fatigue while simultaneously regenerating the whole body.


The Nasya treatment stimulates the circulation of prana, the breath of life. It helps to clear and lubricate the sinuses and to decrease the volume of secretions and congestion. The treatment consists of a head, shoulder and neck massage, heat applications, and the inhalation of vapors and herbal oils.

Fees for treatments